2013-04-01 Joerg Jaspertzbell built into the prompt
2013-03-31 Joerg JaspertAdd zbell function
2013-03-30 Joerg Jaspertset the reportime variable
2013-03-28 Joerg Jaspertadd nicemount function
2013-03-28 Joerg Jaspertkeybindings with variables in work so much better in...
2013-03-28 Joerg JaspertAdd a function to neatly display the path variable.
2013-03-27 Joerg Jaspertnew function to display path neatly
2013-03-26 Joerg JaspertChange to the is-callable way of life
2013-03-26 Joerg Jaspertadd alias gdc for git diff --cached
2013-03-26 Joerg Jaspertmodelines
2013-03-26 Joerg Jaspertwhitespace only
2013-03-26 Joerg Jaspertzrecompile option defaults to false
2013-03-26 Joerg Jasperti do have this symlink - but it shouldnt be in git
2013-03-26 Joerg JaspertMerge branch 'master' of git.ganneff.de:zsh
2013-03-26 Joerg JaspertNo longer set complete_aliases option
2013-03-25 Joerg Jaspertmultiple changes: New functions, dropped functions...
2013-03-22 Joerg JaspertAdd function run
2013-03-22 Joerg Jaspertadd a small routine and a zstyle to allow showing of...
2013-03-22 Joerg Jaspertdont use path for true
2013-03-22 Joerg Jaspertunfunction debug/maybe_compile later
2013-03-22 Joerg Jaspert default false
2013-03-22 Joerg Jaspertimprove
2013-03-22 Joerg Jaspertremove zrcautoload, just use autoload
2013-03-22 Joerg Jaspert. is source
2013-03-22 Joerg Jaspertmake zrecompile optional
2013-03-22 Joerg JaspertEnable tracing of the initialization
2013-03-22 Joerg Jaspertstart a more complete readme
2013-03-22 Joerg Jaspertdefault is dirpersist
2013-03-22 Joerg Jaspertrework the dirpersist/dirstack feature
2013-03-22 Joerg JaspertAllow a .local script to load after mine
2013-03-22 Joerg JaspertBetter debug output
2013-03-22 Joerg Jasperthist_lex_words only exists since 4.3.11
2013-03-22 Joerg Jaspertnon-forking read of debian_chroot var
2013-03-22 Joerg Jasperttaken from grml, fixing the percent sign
2013-03-22 Joerg Jaspertmove the stty command out of 00_Basics
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertautomagically link zshenv.local
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspert.
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspert.
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertredefine keybindings with a more readable syntax, as...
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertnew alias for git grep
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertunused
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertdrop whitespace
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertuse setvar and respect settings as given in zshenv...
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertdrop function keyword
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertnew function setvar
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertadjust path entries
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertadjust text for ooooooooooold zsh version
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertdont set an errorcode when zshlate does not exist
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertunused, remove
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertprompt items fit docu
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertmissing colon
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertremove default styles as documented in zshenv.local...
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertdocument styles
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertallow extra files for settings
2013-03-21 Joerg JaspertDocument the other new options
2013-03-21 Joerg JaspertAdd colon item, no color, token :
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertalso define grey color
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertindentation fixup
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertmagic space binding
2013-03-18 Joerg Jaspertupdate
2013-03-18 Joerg Jaspertno longer alias tmux
2013-03-18 Joerg Jaspertremove debug lala
2013-03-18 Joerg Jaspertadd new alias, adjust help
2013-03-17 Joerg Jaspertupdates and bugfixes
2013-03-17 Joerg Jaspertignore compiled files
2013-03-17 Joerg Jaspertdirstackfile defined
2013-03-17 Joerg Jaspertzrecompile
2013-03-16 Joerg Jaspertuse -1 not 99
2013-03-15 Joerg Jaspertmove cache down, add an option for kill
2013-03-15 Joerg Jaspertbrrr. back to my previous way, not inserting directly
2013-03-14 Joerg JaspertRename bracket to parentheses
2013-03-14 Joerg Jaspertparentheses renamed
2013-03-14 Joerg JaspertDefine some more useful defaults
2013-03-14 Joerg Jaspert.
2013-03-13 Joerg JaspertNote the promptsubst
2013-03-13 Joerg Jaspertfixup the host specific files
2013-03-13 Joerg Jaspertmention from where i got the idea
2013-03-13 Joerg Jaspertdirectly run the prefunc. also, use the right line...
2013-03-13 Joerg Jaspertmore prompt fun
2013-03-12 Joerg Jaspertlotsa changes (oh yay, we love good commit msgs)
2013-03-11 Joerg Jaspertmore prompt fun
2013-03-11 Joerg Jaspertadjust prompt
2013-03-11 Joerg Jaspertadjust help of prompt. also add some more help files
2013-03-11 Joerg JaspertMode change
2013-03-11 Joerg Jaspertcd home before running mr
2013-03-11 Joerg Jaspertuse 60_Modules for more module loading
2013-03-11 Joerg JaspertTab fixes and some magic quotes functions
2013-03-11 Joerg Jaspert2 new options - ignore all dupes and remove blanks
2013-03-11 Joerg JaspertRework of my prompt
2013-03-11 Joerg Jaspertnew is437 to check for that zsh version. also move...
2013-03-11 Joerg JaspertNew helper for colors
2013-03-06 Joerg Jaspertssh function uses rxvt now, not xterm. more compatible
2013-03-06 Joerg Jaspertadd dist-config to move into a new host
2013-03-05 Joerg Jaspertfinally, all as files
2013-03-05 Joerg Jasperti hate submodules.
2013-03-05 Joerg JaspertA .zsh/zsh-syntax-highlighting
2013-03-05 Joerg Jaspertremove
2013-03-05 Joerg Jaspertremove gitmodules files
2013-03-05 Joerg Jaspertupdates
2013-03-04 Joerg Jaspertcheck lnoptions