2018-01-29 Joerg Jaspertaccept complete dirs
2018-01-29 Joerg JaspertGit worktree aliases
2017-11-15 Joerg JaspertUpdate history substring search plugin
2017-11-15 Joerg JaspertUpdate autosuggestion plugin
2017-11-15 Joerg JaspertUpdate syntax hilighting plugin
2017-09-26 Joerg JaspertCommit missing plugin file
2017-09-26 Joerg JaspertDocument tmpdir handling for systemd
2017-09-26 Joerg JaspertAdd directory environment config for chpwd
2017-09-20 Joerg JaspertAdd some docker aliases
2017-04-03 Joerg Jaspertlrt/lart helpers
2017-03-19 Joerg JaspertActual working fix guarding against malicious branch...
2017-03-19 Joerg JaspertGuard against malicious git branch names
2016-11-15 Joerg JaspertAllow starttls connections
2016-11-07 Joerg JaspertConfigure zsh autosuggestion style
2016-11-03 Joerg JaspertAdd zsh-autosuggestion
2016-11-03 Joerg JaspertMove into an external dir
2016-11-03 Joerg JaspertAdd zsh anything.el plugin
2016-11-03 Joerg JaspertUpdate zsh history substring search plugin
2016-11-03 Joerg JaspertUpdate zsh-syntax-hilighting plugin
2016-10-07 Joerg JaspertOne more column exists
2016-10-07 Joerg JaspertDeal with older coreutils variants
2016-10-06 Joerg JaspertActually jump after first word plus one char
2016-09-16 Joerg JaspertFix /tmp addition
2016-09-15 Joerg JaspertAdjust tmpdir handling to allow easy use of tmpfs
2016-09-08 Joerg JaspertGREP_OPTIONS is deprecated, use an alias
2016-03-03 Joerg JaspertThat whitespace was important
2016-03-03 Joerg Jaspertno user and no global known hosts file
2016-03-03 Joerg JaspertSecond vcs_info_msg exported containing git repo root...
2016-03-03 Joerg JaspertAdjust git aliases, git remote is now gre, git rebase...
2015-12-11 Joerg JaspertTake gcf/gcs aliase and have versions that also push...
2015-10-29 Joerg JaspertAdjust git aliases
2015-05-21 Joerg JaspertComplete session names
2015-01-20 Joerg JaspertAdd glp alias for git pull --prune
2014-08-15 Joerg JaspertFix mc subshell
2014-03-03 Joerg Jaspertadd sshnk
2013-12-21 Joerg JaspertA few ssh related aliases
2013-12-20 Joerg JaspertDefine is435, autoload add-zsh-hook
2013-12-20 Joerg Jaspertparameter name
2013-12-20 Joerg JaspertProperly hide add_zsh_hook behind is435.
2013-07-17 Joerg Jaspertunneeded line
2013-07-17 Joerg Jaspertadd completion for tm. (most probably this can be done...
2013-05-10 Joerg Jaspertonly use history_file if it exists
2013-05-10 Joerg Jaspertwups, copied too much
2013-05-10 Joerg Jaspertfix up. let it complete ttl and tags nicely
2013-05-10 Joerg JaspertMerge branch 'master' of git.ganneff.de:zsh
2013-05-10 Joerg Jaspertinitial version of completion for publish
2013-05-07 Joerg Jaspertremove unneded compdef calls, add zshenv.local.sample...
2013-05-07 Joerg Jaspertcleanup aliases a bit more
2013-05-07 Joerg Jaspertfixup git aliases
2013-05-07 Joerg Jaspertfix comments
2013-05-07 Joerg Jaspertadd rxvt-unicode-256color to those TERMs we transmit...
2013-05-05 Joerg Jaspertfix host completion
2013-04-29 Joerg Jaspertnoglob for scp
2013-04-25 Joerg Jaspertlimit syntax hilight to zsh >=437
2013-04-25 Joerg JaspertAdd git-escape-magic
2013-04-23 Joerg JaspertComment
2013-04-23 Joerg Jaspertmove the jj_chpwd addition out of the function file...
2013-04-20 Joerg Jaspertremove dist-config - which was too specific for my...
2013-04-19 Joerg Jaspertjust use the shortcut zsh has
2013-04-19 Joerg JaspertAdjust keybindings to also work in mc subshell
2013-04-18 Joerg Jaspertload zle widgets in a for loop and (in debug mode)...
2013-04-18 Joerg Jaspertfix flags in debug message
2013-04-18 Joerg Jaspertadd history-beginning-search-menu binding on C-xC-x
2013-04-13 Joerg Jaspertonly add dirpersiststore to zshexit hook when dirstackh...
2013-04-13 Joerg Jaspertrename the sudo alias to xsudo. we dont want to uncondi...
2013-04-13 Joerg Jaspertand comment more, so its even less pre-configured by me
2013-04-13 Joerg Jaspertspelling fix
2013-04-13 Joerg Jaspertchange dirstackhandling to to default to off.
2013-04-11 Joerg Jaspertdouble alias is no good
2013-04-10 Joerg Jaspertuse $2 in preexec. ignore some zsh "internal" words...
2013-04-10 Joerg JaspertFollow Jean-Philippe Ouellets change and s/exit/return/
2013-04-08 Joerg Jaspertdont set LANG=Cfor git
2013-04-07 Joerg Jaspertresort and add some git aliases.
2013-04-07 Joerg Jaspertadded extract/ls-archive from sorin ionescu
2013-04-07 Joerg Jaspertnew way of handling plugins, allow oh-my-zsh plugins too 0.0.42
2013-04-07 Joerg Jaspertupdate history-substring-search plugin
2013-04-07 Joerg Jaspertmove global aliases down, add LL and NE
2013-04-07 Joerg Jaspertchange echo to print
2013-04-07 Joerg Jaspertrename files, to have a better series. also adjust...
2013-04-07 Joerg Jaspertuse correct array name
2013-04-05 Joerg Jaspertalso cycle through grep -v
2013-04-05 Joerg Jaspertadd the functions needed for some keybindings
2013-04-04 Joerg Jaspertmake mime setup optional
2013-04-04 Joerg Jaspertredo the keybindings. now also with the vi maps.
2013-04-04 Joerg Jaspertnew styles for the accept-line widget
2013-04-04 Joerg Jaspertchange keybinding to Control-XControl-G
2013-04-04 Joerg Jaspertmore functions to destroy at config load end
2013-04-04 Joerg Jaspertmove where it belongs - into environment
2013-04-04 Joerg Jaspertnew functions taken from grml, to get a nicer keybindin...
2013-04-04 Joerg Jaspertmove into functions file
2013-04-04 Joerg JaspertMove modules to load earlier
2013-04-04 Joerg Jaspertuse fc -l -1 for "more history in the stats"
2013-04-03 Joerg Jaspertzbell prompt
2013-04-03 Joerg JaspertAdd copy-prev-shell-word keybinding. add Status/Start...
2013-04-03 Joerg Jaspertadd the link to the gist for zbell
2013-04-03 Joerg JaspertWah, wrong \
2013-04-03 Joerg Jaspertadjust markup
2013-04-03 Joerg Jaspertchange style, its an ordered list
2013-04-03 Joerg JaspertUpdate README a bit. Though im sure it can still be...
2013-04-03 Joerg Jaspertfix error in default display - mandwidths default if...