magic space binding
[zsh.git] / .zsh / functions /
2013-03-18 Joerg Jaspertupdate
2013-03-18 Joerg Jaspertadd new alias, adjust help
2013-03-17 Joerg Jaspertupdates and bugfixes
2013-03-14 Joerg JaspertDefine some more useful defaults
2013-03-14 Joerg Jaspert.
2013-03-13 Joerg JaspertNote the promptsubst
2013-03-13 Joerg Jaspertdirectly run the prefunc. also, use the right line...
2013-03-13 Joerg Jaspertmore prompt fun
2013-03-12 Joerg Jaspertlotsa changes (oh yay, we love good commit msgs)
2013-03-11 Joerg Jaspertmore prompt fun
2013-03-11 Joerg Jaspertadjust prompt
2013-03-11 Joerg Jaspertadjust help of prompt. also add some more help files
2013-03-11 Joerg Jaspertcd home before running mr
2013-03-11 Joerg JaspertRework of my prompt
2013-03-06 Joerg Jaspertssh function uses rxvt now, not xterm. more compatible
2013-03-06 Joerg Jaspertadd dist-config to move into a new host
2013-03-05 Joerg Jaspertupdates
2013-03-04 Joerg Jaspertcheck lnoptions
2013-03-04 Joerg Jaspertuse proper path
2013-03-03 Joerg Jaspertadd udh function to update the homedir
2013-03-03 Joerg Jaspertadd symlink_to_file function
2013-03-03 Joerg Jaspertmany changes
2013-02-24 Joerg Jaspertinitial