zbell prompt
[zsh.git] / .zsh / functions / prompt_ganneff_setup
2013-04-03 Joerg Jaspertzbell prompt
2013-04-03 Joerg Jaspertvcs_info and battery settings in zshenv.local.sample
2013-04-02 Joerg Jaspertadd watch to bell_ignored commands
2013-04-02 Joerg JaspertAdd zsh to ignored commands for the prompt bell
2013-04-02 Joerg Jaspertbetter way of detecting environment and doing linedraw...
2013-04-01 Joerg Jaspertzbell built into the prompt
2013-03-22 Joerg JaspertEnable tracing of the initialization
2013-03-22 Joerg Jasperttaken from grml, fixing the percent sign
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertprompt items fit docu
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertmissing colon
2013-03-21 Joerg JaspertDocument the other new options
2013-03-21 Joerg JaspertAdd colon item, no color, token :
2013-03-21 Joerg Jaspertalso define grey color
2013-03-14 Joerg JaspertDefine some more useful defaults
2013-03-14 Joerg Jaspert.
2013-03-13 Joerg JaspertNote the promptsubst
2013-03-13 Joerg Jaspertdirectly run the prefunc. also, use the right line...
2013-03-13 Joerg Jaspertmore prompt fun
2013-03-12 Joerg Jaspertlotsa changes (oh yay, we love good commit msgs)
2013-03-11 Joerg Jaspertmore prompt fun
2013-03-11 Joerg Jaspertadjust prompt
2013-03-11 Joerg Jaspertadjust help of prompt. also add some more help files