remove useless variables MYEXIT and NEWAVAILABLEVMs
[ganneffutils.git] / kvm-shell
2011-12-12 Joerg Jaspertremove useless variables MYEXIT and NEWAVAILABLEVMs
2011-12-12 Joerg Jaspertadd reverse dns editing
2011-12-11 Joerg Jaspertlotsa changes
2011-12-11 Joerg Jaspertadd myself to (C) holder, add version/program variable...
2011-12-11 Joerg Jaspertuse a configfile in /etc/kvm-shell/ for the users.
2011-12-09 Joerg Jaspertfully remove vnc
2011-12-09 Joerg Jaspertbetter currentuser handling
2011-12-09 Joerg Jaspertrework
2011-12-09 Joerg Jaspertbetter default config file
2011-12-09 Joerg Jaspertalways use set -e,u,E
2011-12-09 Joerg Jaspertuse bash directly, not sh, as you never know where...
2011-12-09 Joerg JaspertAdd initial version of kvm-shell