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13 <p>
14 I got a few replies to my
15 <a href="/2007/08/umts.html">post about
16 UMTS</a> and finally ordered the flatrate from
17 <a href="http://www.moobicent.de/">Moobicent</a> as they use the
18 Vodafone net. Vodafone got the best recommendations in the replys and is
19 also the only one that has UMTS available in the area I want it...
20 </p>
22 <p>
23 Basic summary of the comments is - Vodafone is the way to go as they
24 (currently) have the best UMTS network. Even in Portugal, it seems, so
25 if I plan a vacation that seems to be a good place to stay online during
26 it. :) I also got the tip to always have a data transfer running in the
27 background as it seems to make working with ssh way more
28 comfortable. That should be simple to arrange. :)
29 </p>
31 <p>
32 I already got the registration e-mail from Moobicent, my username and,
33 in a seperate mail, my password to login to their service. I just need
34 to wait for the hardware before I can start with that stuff.
35 </p>
37 <p>
38 There was a big rant here first, about how "nice" it is to send you your
39 username and your password in two unencrypted mails (sent at the exact
40 same second, no difference in the header part beside subject and the
41 SMTP id postfix puts in..............). I decided to delete it, doesn't
42 help anyway. Instead I decided to play with <a
43 href="http://www.amazon.de/gp/registry/VJ02GNJDAPZ5">Amazon wishlist</a>
44 a bit. Thats better for my blood pressure. :)
45 </p>
47 <p>
48 Anyway, Im happy to have ordered the stuff and would love if the
49 hardware would already be here (it will probably arrive on
50 Friday/Saturday, I hope, having ordered on Wednesday).
51 Oh my, lets play in NEW a bit, that usually kills lots of time... :)
52 </p>