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3 title: Bios update within Linux
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13 <p>
14 Following
15 <a href="http://www.hermann-uwe.de/blog/flashing-a-bios-the-linux-way-tm-using-flashrom">Uwes blog entry</a>
16 about <a href="http://packages.debian.org/flashrom">flashrom</a>, I finally decided to upgrade my
17 Desktop PCs BIOS. Was about time, it was still running on the original
18 BIOS version from back when the Board got manufactured (2004), and
19 <a href="http://www.tyan.com/support_download_bios.aspx?model=S.S2885">Tyan</a>
20 managed to release 6 new versions since then, all adding a lot of nice
21 features.
22 </p>
24 <p>
25 The update went nice and without a single problem (yay) and now I have
26 tons of new stuff. Like - working powernowd support, automagic fan speed
27 control and some other gimmicks. The first thing got my CPUs, usually
28 running at 45 - 60°C to now work with about 37°C, as they are now
29 mostly idling at half the speed they did before. Thats up to 23°C less
30 heat. The fan control now gets fan 1 (of 2) in my Desktop to run with a
31 very low speed, around 100RPM, sometimes it even seems to turn itself
32 off. (My system uses a big fat watercooling with a water tank that has
33 something between 20 to 30l of water in, so the fans are only to get air
34 moving a little bit).
35 </p>
37 <p>
38 Also, with my recent upgrade to on this machine its now also
39 able to suspend and resume. Which wasn't possible earlier, for unknown
40 reasons. Ok, I can only suspend-to-disk, not to ram, there it only
41 supports "Standby" mode, but its already better than "either on or off".
42 </p>
44 <p>
45 Funny side note - my desktop, having a NVidia card,
46 using the non-free nvidia driver can suspend/resume without problems.
47 My laptop, also having a NVidia card, can only suspend/resume without
48 problems if I do <b>not</b> use the binary driver. The binary driver is
49 able to suspend, and even resumes, but then Xorg (latest sid) happily
50 eats all CPU cycles. The free nv driver at least works in
51 suspend-to-disk mode. But fails to turn on the display in suspend-to-ram
52 mode. Of course nv also manages to lock the whole machine if I try to
53 run an application that needs a little bit more video foo, like blobwars
54 or supertux.
55 </p>
57 <p>
58 Oh, and my Xorg still seems to turn on the monitor, not liking DPMS, as
59 <a href="/2007/06/07/laptop-suspend.html">blogged</a>
60 some time ago. But it's now not limited to acpi events, it must be
61 something else. Weird, but I didnt have enough time and motivation to
62 debug this (or googling, maybe others have the problem too). Its only a
63 very small bit annoying. (Sometimes happens after seconds, sometimes
64 takes a minute).
65 </p>